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Wynonna Judd on weight loss pills

Famous country star and singer Wynonna Judd released a new CD, “Sing,” which includes former hits by other artists that have inspired her.  Judd, said that as spokeswoman for the over-the-counter diet drug Alli she’s telling men and women “we deserve to be loved and healthy.” Judd is known for having publicly fought her share of problems including weight gains, shopping, food addictions plus reports state she also struggles with boundaries, balance and moderation.

While Wynonna Judd’s is on the Alli diet pill, Judd says she doesn’t use the “four-letter word” — diet. “It has d-i-e in it,” she said on “GMA.”  But, from we could see, these diet pills have not been a great success judging for her recently photos in the news.  Learn more about Alli in our Alli diet pill reviews:

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Hollywood’s celebrities always seem to have access to certain diet pills known to help shed pounds. At the moment,  Phenternin is the latest diet drug craze in Hollywood, and the number of celebrities using it continues to rise.   Read more about the latest celebrity diet craze here.

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