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Superior Hoodia90 has been awarded our #12 top diet pill rating, as potentially more effective and safer appetite suppressant and #12 overall diet pill we’ve tested.

After conducting our Superior Hoodia90.com review it was clear, this diet product, would be our #2 weight loss product. Superior Hoodia90 tests and research revealed it:

– Acheived more favorable real weight loss results vs. other weight loss products.
– Is a scientifically based weight loss formula with effective weight loss ingridients in substantive enough quantities to drive real weight loss success – Had an extensive and long safety history
– Less costly in bulk packages vs. other top diet aides

In short Superior Hoodia90 achieved excellent weight loss results through effective appetite suppression.   The product had remarkable and immediate effect on our volunteer test subjects.  Most importantly, weight loss results were achieved without any reported unwanted side effects common to diet products.
Both our experts and volunteer consumer test subjects gave Superior Hoodia90 top scores for:

– Top overall effective weight loss.
– Scientifically based weight loss formula.
– Safe, no side effects weight loss product.
– Excellent price, especially  considering the ‘real results acheived’.
– Excellent service, fast shipping, helpful customer service.

Consumers report they are very satisfied with their weight loss results from Superior Hoodia90. See consumer diet  reviews  below.

#2 Top performing diet product
Superior Hoodia90 demonstrates best of class effective weight loss results at a reasonable cost.   And most importantly without common unfavorable side effects associated with other diet products.

Editor’s Top #2 Diet Pill Reviewed

Diet Pill Rating

#12 Diet Pill

Diet Pill Brand

Superior Hoodia90

Site  Superior Hoodia90.com
Guarantee Guaranteed
Consumer Reviews Excellent
Overall Score

top diet

Top  Rated Diet Pill:

  1. Top effective weight loss
  2. Safe, no  reported side effects
  3. Excellent service
  4. Excellent price
  5. Excellent consumer satisfaction
hoodia90 reviews

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How does Superior Hoodia90 Diet Pill  Work?

Superior Hoodia90 is an all-natural nutritional ingredient, that helps ” neutralizes” the brains receptors that control hunger.   Hoodia acts on the brain to make it seem like you are fool without any reported side effects.   Essentially, it works as an appetite suppressant reducing your appetite and thus your caloric intake, resulting in weight loss.   Recent studies showed that subjects were able to reduce their caloric intake by as much as 1000 calories/day.   Our investigation revealed that South African Superior Hoodia90 is more potent vs. other diet pills in its class with 90 pills and 750mg dose.   While virtually all other brands were either lower in pill count or less than 750mg or both.

Superior Hoodia90 has the potential to be safe and effective with no known side effects nor any known interactions with other diet supplements or diet drugs.

Superior Hoodia90 is manufactured in a fully Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility.  (superior_hoodia90.php)

Please see bottom of page for ingredient medical references.

While ever since the ban on Ephedra, many Ephedra free diet supplements have come into the diet market only a select few have achieved real weight loss results sought by consumers.

Superior Hoodia90 a popular over the counter Ephedra free Phetermine alternative weight loss supplement offers real potential to aid in weight loss.   Its powerful ingredients in large enough quantities act to support real weight loss results. Superior Hoodia90 is manufactured under a Good Manufacturing Practices facility.

For more information click here for the Superior Hoodia90 website.

Weight Loss Ingredients Clinical Studies

1. In 2001 a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study in overweight, but otherwise healthy volunteers using an extract of Hoodia Gordonii was conducted. The large doses of Hoodia Gordonii extract caused a statistically significant reduction in the average daily calorie intake. Moreover, a statistically significant body fat loss was also observed compared to the placebo group only after two weeks.
2. In the brain, the hypothalamus and its nerve cells signal and control hunger.   When you eat, blood sugar goes up and these nerve cells signal your brain that you are full. Scientists discovered that Hoodia contains a previously unknown molecule called – Hoodia Steroidal Glycosides, or P57 that is reportedly estimated to be about 10,000 times more active than glucose. When it reaches your hypothalamus nerve cells, it actually makes those nerve cells react as if you were full.
References:1. Jan. 31, 2005 – Natural Products Industry INSIDER ” The Supreme Qualities of Hoodia Gordonii” References2. Tulp OL et al. ” Effect of Hoodia plant on food intake and body weight in lean and obese LA/Ntul//-cp rats.” FASEB J. 15, 4:A404, 2001.3. Tulp OL, Harbi NA, DerMarderosian A. ” Effect of Hoodia plant on weight loss in congenic obese LA/Ntul//-cp rats.” FASEB J. 16, 4, 2002.4. Habeck M. ” A succulent cure to end obesity.” Drug Discovery Today. March 2002, pp 280-1.5. MacLean DB, Lu-Guang L. ” Increased ATP content/production in the hypothalamus may be a signal for energy-sensing of satiety: studies of the anorectic mechanism of a plant steroidal glycoside.” Brain Res. 1020, 1-2:1-11, 2004.6. Goodhart RS, Schils ME [eds]. Modern Nutrition and Disease, 6th Ed. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, pp 5607. Anonymous. 2003. People warned against exporting medicinal plant. Available online:www.wag.co.za/News/SeptDec/people_warned_against_exporting.htm. 11 September 20038.   Archer, R.H and Victor, J. E. 2003. Hoodia pilfera subsp. pillansii. Curtis?s Botanical Magazine 20 (4): 219-224.9.   Craven, P. and Loots, S. 2002. Namibia. In: J.S. Golding (ed.) Southern African Plant Red Data Lists.

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14.   MET 2002. Distribution, species composition and uses of Hoodia. Directorate of Scientific Services, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia (internal report).

15.   Peace Parks Foundation. 2003. Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Conservation Park. Available online:

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20.   World Conservation Monitoring Centre. 2000. Namib-Naukluft Park Information. Available online:


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