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What Consumers should know about the Sensa diet?

The official Sensa system website at explains that Sensa is sprinkeled over the dieter’s food to curbs the user’s cravings but does not affecting the taste of the food consumed.  The Sensa website goes on the explain that Sensa makes your brain think that you have already eaten and thus reduces the appetite with the user eating less.  The Sensa weight loss system was created by Dr. Alan Hirsh who is a board certified neurologist and has researched the body’s sensory system including our smell and taste senors and their impact on the appetite.   He is a leading authority on smell and taste and has written six books on the science of sensory response.

Sensa Diet Ingredients

The ingredients in Sensa include Maltodrexin which is derived from corn, Tricalcium Phosphate, Carmine, Soy and Milk.

Sena Diet Product Features

Sensa is added to your food in a food shaker much like you may shake and add salt or pepper over your food.  If you buy the Sensa weight loss system you will be provide with a salt shaker and a sweet shaker.  The salt shaker is designed to add Sensa to food which is salty and the sweet shaker to add to food which is sweet.  The official website for Sensa includes contact details should you wish to contact a representative of the Sensa system.  The official website for Sensa also includes contact telephone number should you wish to speak to someone in person regarding the Sensa system.  Sensa comes with a limited 30 day money back guarantee upon purchase of  the Sensa appetite control diet, if you are not satisfied with it for any reason.   A six month supply of Sensa can be ordered directly from the official website at a whopping price of $235.   If you order Sensa you will also receive a Sensa DVD and a How to Guide.   While there is no doubt that Dr. Hirsch is an expert in his field and this is certainly an innovative approach to weight loss Sensa may not work for everyone and may irritate your stomach.

Sensa Diet Product Advantages

–  Dr. Alan Hirsch who developed Sensa is a world authority on the sensory system.

–  Sensa offers a limited time 30 day guarantee on the purchase of Sensa.

–  Sensa comes with a detailed and comprehensive official website for the Sensa weight loss system.

Sensa Diet Product Disadvantages

–  Sensa may not be a the best long term solution to weight loss.

–  Sensa currently offers a limited 30-day trial through the official Sensa website, but the full price if you choose to keep the Sensa product is not provided to the consumer until you enter your personal information on the Sensa website.

–  The Sensa weight loss system is not suitable for all dieters.

–  Sensa offers no before and after photos on its official Sensa website.

–  Sensa side effects may include stomach irritation.  (we found such reports online from users)

–  Sensa can be quite expensive at $235 for a 6 month supply

Sensa Weight Loss Summary

Clearly the Sensa weight loss system is new and innovative and its seems that Dr. Alan Hirsch who created this weight loss system is an expert in his field.  However our research did not uncover clear evidence which persuades us that it achieves superior results to other weight loss systems and therefore we cannot recommend it over and above other proven weight loss solutions on the market.  Sensa may not work for all dieters and can be quite expensive at $235 for a 6 month supply.

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