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What is the Kardashian Endorsed QuickTrim Diet Pill all about?

While we’re big fans of Kim Kardashian, even though she’s famous for, well, being famous. And many of us are hooked on her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, respect her for denouncing drunken binges, and love that she embraces her much-celebrated curves. But Kim raised our curiousity with her clearly well paid endorsement of the Quick Trim diet pills.  In an interview with OK! magazine, she said she’s used several of its products to lose some weight in a matter of weeks.

What’s in the QuickTrim Diet Pill?

Our research turned to articles discussing, Adriane Fugh-Berman, a physician and associate professor in the complementary and alternative medicine master’s degree program at Georgetown University Medical Center commentary.  She’s an expert on herbs and helped decipher the ingrdients on the QuickTrim diet products.

QuickTrim Burn & Cleanse 14 Day Diet System.  Somehow, this diet aide  purports to burn calories by day and cleanse by night. The morning and afternoon supplements contain a “thermogenic complex,” two doses of which provide a total of 400 milligrams of caffeine—which is equivalent to four cups of coffee. The supplements also contain piperine (black pepper) and white willow bark extract, both of which Fugh-Berman says can increase the potency of caffeine, a stimulant that helps boost metabolism. Further down the ingredient list is green tea leaf extract, which may or may not contain caffeine. (QuickTrim declined to clarify this.) “It irritates me that they’re not saying how much caffeine is in these pills,” Fugh-Berman says. “Too much caffeine can make you jittery and increase your blood pressure and pulse. If you pop a couple of these pills with your Starbucks coffee, that’s not good; you could get caffeine poisoning, which can cause heart arrhythmias.”

The evening supplements contain the “IsoCleanse and Flush Herbal Complex,” a combination of stimulant laxatives (senna, cascara, and rhubarb) and bulk laxatives (oat fiber, prunes, dates, and fig extracts) to increase the movement of food and liquid through your intestines. While Fugh-Berman says this might be helpful if you have constipation, it’s not good for those with regular bowel habits. “You’ll get diarrhea, which could cause dehydration and a loss of vital nutrients, which isn’t good,” she says. “Stimulant laxatives, of which IsoCleanse is chock-full, can cause your intestines to become dependent on them for stimulation, causing constipation if you stop.”

Iso-Flush. This is taken along with the Burn & Cleanse system and contains a variety of herbal diuretics designed to shed water from the body. “I can’t tell how much of each herb is in this product, but several of these—including juniper berry, uva ursi, and horsetail extract—shouldn’t be taken over long periods of time because they can be toxic,” says Fugh-Berman. Juniper, for example, can interfere with kidney function. The package instruction telling users to limit salt intake during the first week and to completely avoid any sodium during the second week is also concerning, says Fugh-Berman, because it can increase the likelihood of severe dehydration. “If you get rid of water, you will lose weight, but it’s not real weight loss,” she says, since the pounds will come right back the minute you go off the products. “There are also [possible] health risks involved with severe water loss,” she adds, “like fainting from the loss of electrolytes, kidney stones, even full-blown kidney malfunction.”

Fast Cleanse. This is billed as a “48-hour Super Diet Detox” designed to “help you drop a dress size for a special occasion.” Golden Globe awards perhaps? In essence, this is a fiber-rich drink that you ingest four times a day between meals consisting of clear soups, gelatin, fruits, and vegetables. Certainly, you’ll drop a few pounds on this plan, which is fine, says Fugh-Berman, as long as you don’t mind putting them right back on after taking the dress to the cleaners.

Extreme Burn. I think this is supposed to be used long term after finishing the 14-day plan. It contains similar ingredients as the morning supplements on the Burn & Cleanse system—a lot of caffeine and herbs that might boost its potency.

QuickTrim’s material advises checking with a doctor before using the products.  When it comes to Quick Trim the allure of getting the body of a celebrity without having to go through the training regimen and extreme dieting habits of a celebrity seems likely unlikey for most of us.

Quick Trim Weight Loss Pills Exposed

There is one glaring discrepancy that some may or may not have taken notice of.  Of course, Quick Trim is certainly not the first diet plan to use celebrity endorsements, and without question, they won’t be the last.  But did it ever occur to dieters that the Kardashian sisters have never really lost weight?  Khloe has in times of stress such as when their father died.  But Kim, their main centerpiece really, has never really gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of weight, etc.  So if she’s using this at all, does it really mean much?

However, Quick Trim products do not come with all the right amounts of proven weight loss ingredients, rather they use side effect inducing caffeine.  They don’t use enough to promote benefits, just side effects.

We have also found other weight loss products that will provide you with substantially likely much greater weight loss results than you would find with Quick Trim.

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