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Hello there, my name is Jan.  If like me you have a lot of weight to lose, believe me, I know how you feel.  Just like it took time to gain weight, it will take time and some patience to lose the weight.  Patience will be your biggest ally and when you achieve you weight loss goals the sense of achievement will be incredbile. 

To motivate myself and to learn which diet aides really worked I began contributing to this blog.  It was on particular day when I could hear the staff at a clothing shop poking fun at me when selecting a gift for my sister who was quite thin vs. my frame.  I felt so horrible when this happend that I began to weep right there in the middle of the stor.   That was the day I found this blog and became a contributing commentator.  I know I had to do something fast to change my life and lose the weight once and for all.

I know at the first stage of weight loss it can feel like a long empty and lonely road, but it is so worth it. You’ll feel on top of the world when you finally fit in your skinny clothes!  Just about two years ago I weighed in at hefty 193 lbs and was feeling badly for myself due to my weight.  I suppose that my weight problem has gotten me down so that I resorted to making as little eye contact with others because i felt ashamed of my body what others thought of me.

I began by taking photos of myself with my current clothes and set aside old clothes I wanted to fit into once more.  I measured my thighs, arms, stomach, waist and even started a daily food journal with my before photos and measurements in the first page.  I then sought support from friends who I knew already were working out to keep company and help with a work out an regiment.  This sort of support was instrumental, I made sure I was motivated and had friends who would not accept any excuses from me when working out together. 

Each week I weighed and measured myself and documented these stats in my weight loss diary along with what activities I did which included walking up stairs or going for a walk. As time went by the weight started to come off.  Two full years later I’ve beome more confident and love to socialize and meet new people.  I still can’t believe how far I’ve come and sometimes reflect back and compare my before photos to my slimmer reflection in the mirror.  I can hardly believe how far I have come and while I still more to go I know I will do it.

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