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With Alli, the new diet pill, weight’s over, or it?

European experts slam the launch of Alli

Professor Gareth Williams, of Bristol University, claimed that many people will believe that popping a pill like Alli, can do the work of a better diet and exercise.

Promoted as a diet pill that boosts weight loss has hit British chemist shops in the UK.  The drug, which costs £1.50 a day, was approved for sale by the European Commission.  However, Pharmacists will run potential dieters through a few questions prior to selling the diet pill – used by millions in the US.

The pill – called Orlistat or Alli – will be available without the need for a prescription in its reduced form of one-half the dose of its Xenical parent. Alli works by blocking a quarter of food fat being absorbed into the body.

Doctors claim it is safer because it works in the gut and releases only a tiny amount of its active ingredient into the blood.  Anyone slightly overweight for their height will be able to buy it. It is the first time European Commission chiefs have approved a non-prescription weight loss drug.

Alli is manufactured by pharmaceutical giant GSK.

The firm’s spokesman James Hallatt said: “Alli is not a magic pill but it can help people lose more weight than dieting alone.” Dr David Haslam, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said licensed products like the pill “can support weight loss”.

Of course, Alli does come with very uncomforable and embrassing side effects such as added gas, loose oil stool that has been known to cause staining.

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