Kim Kardashian on diet pills?

What is the connection between a Diet Pill Mogul and  Kim Kardashian? Well it turns out that deep-pocketed owner of Vitaquest, CEO Keith Frankel, also the sleak marketer of and owner of the diet pill called QuickTrim is behind this newest diet pill … Continue reading →

Gerard Butler’s Diet

Gerard Butler’s Diet Success Known more recently for his role in the movie “300”, perfectly toned Gerard Butler’s body rose above and beyong to reign supreme in the 2007 film.  In “300,” actor Gerard Butler’s physique was exposed in virtually every frame showing … Continue reading →

President Bill Clinton’s Diet

President Bill Clinton’s Weight Loss Success While former president Bill Clinton has never denied his love for fast foods and sweets chuck full of fats and calories, but, in recent times he has cut back and he certainly shos it.  … Continue reading →

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s Diet Secrets Jennifer Aniston known for her role on the TV sitcom Friends has long been a role model for glammor and physcial fitness.  Many fans of Jennifer Aniston may know her more recently from the movie “Marley and Me” where … Continue reading →

Drew Barrymore’s Diet

Actress Drew Barrymore’s weight loss success exposed While actress Drew Barrymore’s weight has fluctuated throughout the years, recently the 33-year-old movie idol has gotten into amazing shape and looks better than ever.  Barrymore set out and succeed in dropping some 20  pounds … Continue reading →

Britney Spears’ Diet Secrets

Britney Spears’ Diet Secrets Revealed The on again and off again weight gains and weight losses have become a trademark for the super start Britney Spears.  The pop singer, Britney Spears got into top shape in preperation for her sixth album, “Circus.”  And … Continue reading →

Hugh Jackman’s Diet Success

Hugh Jackman “sexiest man alive” fitness and diet routine Hugh Jackman, selected as People magazine’s “sexiest man alive”, will freely admit that such a title did not come so easy.  The actor’s amazing good looks come from hard work keeping in shape and eating … Continue reading →

Rachel Hunter Diet Exposed

Swimsuit model Rachel Hunter Weight Loss Secrets Exposed Former Mrs. Rod Stewart and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Rachel Hunter shilled for Slim Fast as the weight-loss drink’s spokes model in March of 2007.  And during an event in June of that year,  a New … Continue reading →

Valerie Bertinelli’s Diet

Valerie Bertinelli lost 40 pounds Valerie Bertinelli, a former child star and ex-wife of rocker Eddie van Halen said she’s lost 40 pounds and kept it off.  The famous actress is yet another actress that has been a Jenny Craig shill appearing in … Continue reading →

Queen Latifah Celebrity Diet

Queen Latifah Celebrity Diet Queen Latifah a celebrity, comedian and mega movie start has been a Jenny Craig spokes model for some time now.  As a matter of fact Jenny Craig has recruited several well known celebrities to represent the Jenny Craig diet for … Continue reading →

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