Accomplix Review

Accomplix diet pills are more recent arrivals in the diet aide market.  Accomplix has garned a lot of media hype and was established by Advanced Pharmaceuticals.  Accomplix was hyped as the ‘new approach to weight loss’, alleging dieters would loss 450% more weight than by diet and exercise alone.  While, Accomplix promises to eliminate the underlying causes of weight gain, incredibly is also claims to correct unbalanced metabolism and promotion of rapid weight loss.  The Accomplix website shows many links and snippets of information including TV news program logos, which clearly can mislead consumers who are likely to infer endorsement of Accomplix, when in fact these are only reports of potential benefits of one of Accomplix ingredients.  Accomplix does not provide before after weight loss photos evidence nor glowing reviews of the Accomplix weight loss pill.

Accomplix Ingredients
The Accomplix diet pill is a simple blend of vitamins and herbs including very common B vitamins, green tea, a powerful antioxidant and chromium, used to help regulate blood sugar levels, the stimulant guarana and hoodia-gordonii.  Accomplix’s guarana stimulant can be a concern to those who are  sensitive to caffeine or have high blood pressure or heart issues.  Incredibly, Accomplix’s marketers claim that the pill is ‘stimulant free’ and safe for night-time use, while they recommended Accomplix be taken during the day.

Accomplix Summary
Our research show that some consumers may have reported difficulty in obtaining a refund.   While Accomplix markets its self as a ‘new approach’, its ingredients in are very common to many other over the counter diet pills.   Moreover, the clinical trials cited by the company are not altogether specific and or detailed.   Did you know, Accomplix distributor charges a 25% administrative fee for refunds?

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