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AcaiBurnZ markerters claim their acai product incredibly aids in numerous areas including digestion, tones muscles, improves metabolism, increases energy, and suppresses appetite.  While there are hundreds of acai berry supplements available; how does Acai BurnZ stack up?  And is Acai Burz  better than all the other acai berry products?

Acai BurnZ Ingredients
AcaiBurnz ingredients include the acai berries fruit as its name suggest.  Acai berries come from the Amazon rainforest and look somewhat similar to  blueberries but have an aftertaste similar to chocolate.  While the Acai berry fruit can act as an anti-oxidant, it has never been scienticially shown to provide any potent weight loss benefits.  Other ingredients in Acai BurnZ are green tea and garcinia cambogia. These are very common herbal ingredients which on their own in supplement availalbe amounts do not provide for scienticially proven potent weight loss results.   The AcaiBurz formula is not one we would anticiate consumers would achieve significant weight loss with.
Acai BurnZ Free Trial or Pay Later Autoship plan?
“Upon signing up for the free trial, you are enrolling in the Acai Burnz Home Delivery Program. This program provides ongoing savings and makes reordering convenient and easy. As your 30 day cycle runs out, we will automatically send you a new 30 day supply for only $79.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. This program is simple and discreet.” Acai BurnZ is incredibly expensive, considering you can buy over the counter acai supplements in stores for less than $20 a bottle.

Acai BurnZ Summary

We are unable to recommend Acai BurnZ due to its much higher than market pricing and common ordinary diet pill ingredients that will not result in any significant scientically backed weight loss.  Many weight loss supplements in the market are much less costly and Acai berry supplements are even available for as little as $20 in many stores.

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