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With hundreds of weight loss products in the market, it can be difficult for consumers to determine which work best and deliver fast weight loss results with minimal side effects.  While many diet pills seem promising, the vast majority of diet aides do not live up to their hyped marketing claims.  Read below our detailed research reports of the weight loss pills that have the potential to help you lose weight while paying less online. The research aims to provide an evaluation of each diet product based on the following criteria:- Weight Loss PotentialDiet pills that work
- Overall Value
- Appetite Suppression
- Guarantee Policy
- Company Reputation
- Consumer Feedback

Diet Pills Buyer’s Guide and Rules of Success:

check01_blue.gifRule #1:    Look for a toll free number for ordering and questions.  Legitimate merchants will offer this extra service.
check01_blue.gif Rule #2:    Look for an official Buy/guarantee (yellow and blue logo), Verified by Visa and Mastercard seals for trusted merchants.
check01_blue.gif Rule  #3:   Seek a generous no less than 90 pill bottle to ensure you get more product for your money (avoid anything less)
check01_blue.gif Rule #4:    Use our top 5 diet pills rating chart before you shop.
check01_blue.gif Rule #5:   Avoid diet scams including ‘free trials’ or, ‘free samples’ delayed billing programs that charge you automatically.
check01_blue.gif Rule #6:    Avoid diet patches, diet jewelery - the FTC notes that all diet patches are scams!
check01_blue.gif Rule #7:    Avoid weight loss claims of more than 2 lbs/week.  The FTC notes such claims as scams! (i.e. lose a 7 lbs in a week) [best2009diets.php]


- which diet-pills are most effective.

- what powerful proven ingredients produce successful weight loss.

- which diet products come with a Diet Guarantee.

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